Integrate SAP® Customer Checkout with SAP Business One® 

For environments with high number of sales transactions per day, the Integration Server allows to aggregate the sales transactions, reducing the number of invoices posted to SAP Business One® and by this allowing a smoother operation over all. By using the Service Layer technology of SAP Business One®, sales transactions get posted faster than via the standard integration of SAP Business One® Integration Framework. 

Post sales transactions Aggregate sales transactions Post financial transactions 
Sales transactions of your POS instances get posted to SAP Business One with all their sales and payment items via the Service Layer. Settle payments on open invoices in SAP Business One® via POS On high sales transaction volumes per day, aggregation of sales transactions is needed before posting to SAP Business One®. Once activated, the Integration Server gathers the receipt data, resolves them by given criteria to aggregate receipts. The aggregation close gets triggered either by time or API call, e.g., on day end closing. Financial transactions such as cash in and cash out receipts or cash balancing receipts after a day end closing need visibility in SAP Business One®