The Promotion Suite allows to configure promotions in a flexible way with rules and actions to be applied in a Point of Sale environment such as SAP® Customer Checkout.

Configure your promotions with a flexible rule set consisting of condition types, such as

  • Articles
  • Article groups
  • Customers
  • Customer groups
  • Manufacturer/Brand
  • Payment means
  • Payment card types
  • Receipt amount

Apply the promotion discounts on articles, article groups, receipt or add a coupon as an incentive for the next customer buy.

Typical promotion scenarios such as the following are flexibly supported by the solution:

  • Buy 1 Get 1 Free
  • Buy A, B Get C Free
  • Multi-Buy on different articles
  • Discount based on payment means or payment card types
  • Discount on receipt total if a threshold amount is reached
  • Happy hours

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